5 Tips for Cooking with a Disability

Finding the right balance between enjoying food and staying healthy isn’t always easy – especially when you’re living with a disability. Cooking your own food is a great way to learn exactly what you’re putting in your body and how it makes you feel! Here are 5 tips for cooking with a disability:

  1. Plan ahead
    Plan your meals ahead of time and build careful shopping lists so that you’re able to pick everything up at once instead of having to run to the store all the time. Read through the recipe thoroughly before you start preparing your meal. Know all of the ingredients, cookware, and utensils you may need so you can collect everything before you start preparing your meal instead of searching for it partway through.
  1. Declutter
    Clear off your workspace so that you have easy access to all the ingredients, cookware and utensils you collected before prepping the food. Place them within reachable distance.
  2. Use assistive tools
    Navigating the kitchen with a disability can be difficult at times so take advantage of whatever tools you can to make the job easier! Small carts or trolleys on wheels can make it easier to collect everything you need without having to make multiple trips back and forth to the fridge or the pantry, electric can openers and other electronic appliances can save you from manual work that may tire your hands, and grabbing tools to reach things at the back of the counter or on elevated shelves.
  1. Know your limitations
    Vary your activities – switch things up to give your muscles a break. If you’ve been chopping for a while try doing something else, like stirring or measuring ingredients. Rest frequently. If you’ll be standing keep a chair or stool nearby in case you need to sit down. Stop before or as soon as you feel any strain on your muscles.
  2. Enjoy the process!
    Cooking can be therapeutic and rewarding! Take joy in the tasks that you do well and the opportunity to share what you’ve made with friends and family.

Bon appetit!


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