Rethink Your Drink!

Changing your drinking habits is one of the easiest changes you can make to your diet without having a huge impact on your budget. Drinking water is one of the...Read more

Organic versus conventional produce

The Organic Debate

What are the dirty dozens? Fruits and vegetables can have a fair bit of chemical residue because of the pesticides used during conventional farming practices to prevent pests and maintain...Read more

Family Cooking Together

Eat Well Play Well- At Home

Why the fuss about eating well for breakfast? Builds lifelong eating habits such as paying attention to what is on their plate. Preventive health measure towards healthy bones, teeth, and...Read more

Two people cooking in the kitchen

Building a Healthy Meal

Building a healthy meal can be a challenge. There is a ton of information out there so we’ve outlined some very simple, easy to follow meal planning elements that can...Read more

Young female child holding carrots and an apple

Healthier Eating Tips

With all of the processed and fast food options available these days, eating healthy is harder than ever. Here are some simple healthy eating tips you can use with your...Read more

Veggies, eggs, whole grains, nuts and water

Recommended Daily Nutrient Values

It is important to eat healthy, nutritious food on a daily basis. The chart below outlines how many servings of each of these important nutrients you should intake on a daily basis....Read more

Family eating dinner

A Guide to Portion Sizes

Serving sizes vary from food group to food group. Here, you’ll find some examples that will help you choose the right portion sizes for you! You can also check out...Read more